Aims & Objectives

Introduction: YOGA owes its origin to India, the land of great Rishis and Munis. Due to its manifold benefits for overall growth of an individual, in terms of body, mind and soul, it has been gaining world wide recognition. However, To make the citizens of Solapur know the importance of Yoga, to make the children and the youth have affiliation with this ancient Indian culture and reap benefits in today's stressed life, to embed discipline through the medium of Yoga and to Motivate practicing yoga through competitions, , an organization was required to be constituted . In view to bring above into reality,  the Solapur Jilha Yoga Parishad was formed in 2002 and sought affiliation of Maharashtra State Organisation viz. Brihan Maharashtra Yoga Parishad Amaravati.

Therefore, for the preservation and expansion of Yoga, the great ancient culture, art and indigenous sports of glorious India, an organization was required to be constituted at district level. In view to the realization of that aim, the Solapur Jilha Yoga Parishad came into existence.

Aims and Objectives :

To promote, encourage, popularize, standardize and supervise Yoga in the Town.
To organise Yoga Training through schools and colleges regularly and conduct competitions at respective levels.

To arrange and supervise the Yoga Championships, Camps, Seminars and other Contests.

To arrange, regulate and if necessary finance participation of local Yoga Practitioners in State level, National Level, Continental and World Yoga Championships.


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